Maintenance and Repair before is too late!!

A very important and often overlooked task “Lubrication”. We highly recommend once a year lubrication service at minimum, and twice a year if you are located near the beach. Following this rule of thumb, you can extend the life of your shutters and push back repairs. We service accordion and roll down shutters accessible or inaccessible. Repairs: We can repair any components and avoid having to replace your shutters saving thousands you dollars. Remember we are the company that repairs what others don’t want to bother with and offer to replace, in some cases a simple repair can buy additional shutter life.

  • Lubrication of Rollers, Shutter, and components
  • Repair Motors and components
  • Chemical Window Cleaning, Glass Restoration, Maintenance Window Cleaning,
  • Commercial Power Washing
  • Sealing & Caulking of windows and doors from glass to frame and frame to concrete to avoid to avoid water intrusion
  • Cracks & Concrete Repairs and more...
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